Understanding The Top SEO Trends Of 2016

seo6The previous year had been an exciting one for the SEO industry, as per the statistics shown at http://userexp.net/goma.maryland.gov.html. The long awaited Mobilegeddon update was released, which helped in promoting the importance of mobile-friendly sites, as well as other dozen or so minor Google updates. The following seven changes are notably the new trends which will possibly be shaping the future of the search. The Digital Agency in Edinburgh is time and again innovating new SEO techniques to improve the search ranking.

1. Written Content being overtaken by Video Content in ROI for B2C for Brands and Industries
Written content is considered to be standard even by the vast majority who believe that new formats of the content must be included and that different formats of the content are a good idea. However, written content is the baseline for most of the brands with images, videos, infographics and other medium that serve as peripheral additions. In 2016, a couple of new technologies will shift the long-standing trends. Video content might replace written content due to its effectiveness, reach, engagement and overall ROI. The popularity of video apps like Vine, Snapchat and Periscope all are partially responsible for the users’ preference over visual content over written content. Adding video ads in search result is also a new experiment from Google. B2B brands might follow this close to 2019.

2. Mobile Optimization is becoming more important than Desktop Optimization
Desktop search has been the standard form of search till the past year. With growing mobile users, mobile searches have surpassed the desktop searches. This might result in giving more importance to optimization of mobile searches.

3. Digital Assistants Changing the Search Queries
Search engines these days receive more queries from digital assistants like Cortana, Google Now and Siri and they have changed the complexity of the search. Spoken queries are found to have different results than typed queries, meaning that keywords are much different for typed queries.

4. Aggregated Content Diminishing the Power of News and Event Coverage
A new feature called moments is being tried out by twitter, which aggregates posts, videos and images of live events and news stories in a single channel for the users to see. Twitter is not the only platform in which such live feeds can be experimented with, but the power of articles that is not automatically sourced will get diminished in the upcoming days.

5. Social Content Being More Readily Indexed
Google has already made deals with Twitter and Facebook so that results from these social networking sites might turn up when a query is made. Posts made on social networking sites might also show up in the search results, making the individual posts as important as any website.

6. Deep Links Becoming More Important
The anticipation of Google is that the apps might overtake web pages in both functionality and popularity. When this becomes the case, deep links to apps will become as important as deep links on the web.

8. Local Searches Getting Even More Local
With wearable devices like Apple watches, local searches tend to get even more specific and location-based and the results might change from city or region to street or neighborhood and the search results might also be ranked based on the region.

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